“The Way You Market a Home is Directly Correlated with How Much Money You Will Get Out of Your Home ”

…Other Realtors will just throw your house on the MLS and put a sign in the yard and call it a day If you are looking for a “Realtor to sell my home”, then look no further. You need a Realtor to sell your house, put more money in your pocket, and save you time. We actively market your home with high quality photos, videos, digital walkthroughs, and targeted ads.

Looking for a Realtor to Sell my Home? Marketing Matters:

  • Homes are sold first on the internet today and then in person. First impressions in this digital age are crucial.
  • The best photographer can make the ugliest houses seem incredible. The better the photographer the more showings you will have on your home!
  • Video is a must on homes. In this day of internet you need a video on your home that will grab someones attention and be able to sell the lifestyle that your home will provide for future buyers.
3715 Williams Point Drive, Cumming GA. 30028
Here is a video example of how we market homes.
3715 Williams Point Drive, Cumming GA. 30028

Whether you have bought and sold multiple homes or this is your first time; Marketing Matters. We are able to target people with digital adds, use SEO, and couple that with incredible photos and video. This is our winning Formula for more money in your pocket and time saved.