New Homes For Sale Cumming GA

Cumming GA Realtors – Thompson Realty Atlanta explains how to combat the inventory problem and presents a solution for someone being able to compete in this tough market.

New Homes For Sale Cumming GA
Rick Thompson:
If you clicked on this video, you’re probably struggling to find a home and honestly, most of the country’s struggling to find a home right now; record low inventory levels, COVID up and down, the media hyping it up. No one knows what to do. So we’re going to talk about it here. If you’re thinking about moving to the Cumming, Georgia area, this video is definitely for you, cause I’m going to present a solution to the inventory problem.

Everybody, my name is Rick Thompson. I’m a realtor with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners. My company is Thompson Realty Atlanta, and I am your go-to, local realtor here for the Cumming, Georgia area. You can find more information about me at

So let’s get straight into this video. Okay. Let’s talk about these different new home construction neighborhoods that are going to be a really great fit for people who can not find the inventory, all right? They’re like resell inventory as everyone knows and you probably clicked on this video kind of like, “Oh wow, I can’t find anything. This might be a good option.” It really might be and here’s why. I’m going to go over these new home construction neighborhoods. If you haven’t, by any chance, seen our other video on building incredible amounts of equity, free equity through new home construction, you’re going to want to click here or here. Check that video out. It’s going to help open your eyes a little bit to an opportunity here. Okay?

So even though there’s this huge inventory problem, there are some opportunities that have been presented because of it. So let’s get straight into it, right? So I’m going to give you three and then a bonus at the end.

So number one. It’s going to be Holbrook Reserve and this is built by a builder called Toll Brothers. All right? These start in the mid fours. They are at the beginning of this neighborhood and there is a ton of free equity to be had in this community. West Forsyth is a growing, growing, growing part of Forsyth County. And honestly, there’s just tons of opportunity here. All right.

Holbrook Reserve’s going to be a very unique community. It’s right there off Holbrook Road, located in West Forsyth. It’s unique in the sense that it starts in the mid fours and new home construction starting to creep up. It’s starting to get more and more expensive to own a new home construction house in Forsyth County and this honestly is one of the more affordable areas, still in Forsyth County, where you can still purchase a new home construction house in the fours. I have a couple here on the list, but this is the first one on our list. All right.

Toll Brothers builds an incredible home. They have incredible finishes. It’s a builder that started originally up North. I believe Philadelphia is where they started and they’ve recently come to Georgia. I have clients who own a Toll Brothers house and they absolutely love it. The level of craftsmanship that you get at this price point, is truly impressive.

The next one up on the list is a community called Bellehurst and Bellehurst is located off Post Road. It is what I would call still sort of in the South Forsyth area, but you’re starting to get to the West Forsyth. It’s down off Post Road. You’re getting pretty close to Highway 20 and once you cross Highway 20, I would define that as Hey, you were in West Forsyth territory.

So this community also starts in the mid fours and it’s a really, really great option. And the reason it’s a great option is, is because it’s really hard to be in this area, this South Forsyth sort of West Forsyth area off Post Road. You’ve got a few different communities there, that stretch all the way up to the millions. Okay. And it’s really hard to find something that’s new home construction in this area, for this price point. So 400,000 is a steal for this. They’re in the middle of starting their second phase. There still are some homes, as this video is being made mid-February, 2021. So they’re still building. There’s still lots of building to be had in there.

The level of finishes you get with an Ashton Woods home is pretty impressive as well. Definitely not my top of the list, favorite builder, but they’re pretty, they’re definitely a top five, as far as level of finishes go, the bang for your buck that you get with this builder, and the level of craftsmanship that comes with it. They use high-end subs, big fan of Ashton Woods. This is a great option.

The next one, we’re going to jump in price point here a little bit. SR Homes is building a community over in West Forsyth called Montebello and Montebello is a beautiful, beautiful community. Okay. This community is really unique in the sense of its amenities and its location in West Forsyth. When you’re going to cross over a Highway 20, if you’re on 141 and Montebello is going to be about a mile or two down on the right. It’s nice in the sense that, Hey, you are super close to everything still. You’re only about 10, 15 minutes away from like high-end shopping, high-end restaurants. You’re close enough to where you can get to Alpharetta very quickly. You can still shoot down to Atlanta very, very easily. So this is a great option in terms of location.

These start in the upper fives, and this is as close as you get to a custom builder, but still being a tract builder. Okay. The level of finishes and their interior design team and the way they just build a home, is different from most people out there. If I am a buyer and the mid fives right now, I am heavily, heavily taking a look at SR Homes, and in particular Montebello. They are about to finish up their first phase. They’re going to have a massive second phase and there is some serious free equity opportunity here. I imagine in a couple of years from now, two to three years, these homes will be selling probably close to the mid sevens, when they finish up. So, just to give you an idea, you can still get in there, in the upper fives. There’s 150 to $180,000 of free equity, you could probably have, if you purchased in there relatively soon.

My last community that I kind of want to talk about, this is the bonus. All right. So this is off Bentley Road. This community is called Bentley Commons and it’s built O’Dwyer Homes and I have a client who’s under contract in there currently. And I’ll be honest, at first, I was very kind of hesitant about this builder. Didn’t know much about them. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way in the building process, but I can say they have made a great effort to make things right and they build an incredible house. They’ve got high-end subs and this is a, it’s a semi-custom home builder.

So you have to keep in mind, it’s going to be a little bit of a longer build time with these guys, but the amount of options that they offer and what they will let you do to a floor plan is absolutely incredible. They’ll literally let you move walls. They’ll let you add on third car garage, in-law suites. If you have a question on, you know, “Hey, can I add a third story option?” As long as there’s no county restrictions, they’ll let you do it. So, very flexible builder. Very, very impressed with them. They start also in the upper fives. However, by the time you get options with these guys and build the house the way that you’re going to want to build it, it’s probably going to be closer to the mid sixes, so I just want to kind of preface that. But very, very impressed with this builder and it’s also another great option.

It’s also located very, very close to the community Bellehurst, that we talked about earlier, that was built by Ashton Woods and the location on this guy is incredible. You’re very close to Vickery Village; a lot of high-end shopping. A lot of high-end a lot of high end restaurants. It’s a really great place to be, hang out and whatnot. So it’s a place you would want to live.

With that being said, those are going to be my top options for 2021. I don’t suspect… I suspect. Let me rephrase that. I suspect that we’re going to continue to have an inventory problem going into 2021. I think as COVID continues to be prevalent and new strains come out and it’s hype and hyped by the media, I think you will continue to see a inventory restriction in the real estate market and with that being said, these new home construction neighborhoods will be a great option, if they fit your budget. These will be a great option for you going forward.

As always, please like, share, subscribe. We truly appreciate all our subscribers and liking our videos. It helps the algorithm and let’s get this message to as many people, as many home buyers as we can in 2021. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or reach out to us at Thanks so much guys. See on the next video.
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